Software Development

Whether we are dealing with new or on-going projects, we give special attention throughout all stages of software development. We stay updated with the latest trends and IT innovations such as Big Data, AI, Augmented reality, Internet of things (IoT) so we are able to incorporate the best of software solutions in each project.  Software engineering, web application development, IT consultancy, cloud computing, Software maintenance and support; we offer some kind of software service for every business.

Custom Web Applications

Ready-made web applications may not meet the challenging requirements of business and hence you need custom data-driven web applications. Custom web applications are not only unique but also scalable, cost-effective, and user friendly. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to a lot of technology companies, and to get best bang for your buck, you should invest in a company that listens and understands your brand

LET’S DRAFT is all about listening to customer problems and providing custom solutions.

API and Integration

Integrate programs, automate tasks, and enable smooth communication between applications with our advanced API and integration services. To make this possible, partner with a reputable technology company. Successful launch of APIs will ensure:
–     Improved customer reach
–     Increase in revenue
–     Technical innovation
–     Easy integration of backend data and applications

Your brand is like a relationship, and we will strive to make it a good and lasting one for your customers. Are you ready to take this game-changing leap with us?

Software Project Management

Sharing, collaborating, and managing the clients, employees and vendors become quick, efficient, and smart with great software management solutions. Our dedicated development teams work closely with you to understand your pain points, budget constraints, and everyday challenges to offer scalable solutions. In addition to sharing and collaboration, our software project management services have helped clients in areas such as: 

–        Scheduling and planning
–        Budget management
–        Documentation
–        Resource management

Invest in UX design to cut down your development costs, increase revenue and make customer interaction fun.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Regardless of the type of your business, having robust cloud hosting solutions can make a huge difference. A lot of businesses are yet to explore the possibilities opened by this. Our robust and reliable cloud hosting solutions provide a slew of advantages including flexible pricing, high performance and speed, high uptime, faster server set-up, and improved website speed. Most importantly, you will be able to serve your customers better and increase profit margins.

Searching for high performance and reliability? Look no further! LET’S DRAFT offers solutions that adapt seamlessly to your business needs.