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Bachelor of PR & Advertising (English/Arabic)

The mission of the program of B.Sc. of Public Relations and Advertising aims at equipping students with the required skills, knowledge and abilities to qualify them so as to be effective and responsible leaders and managers who occupy scientific and professional positions in the communication field anywhere in the whole world. The program works towards qualifying graduates to work in the Public Relations sector in the various organizations and advertising agencies. In addition, it qualifies them to complete their post graduate studies. The program focuses on developing effective communication skills, problem solving, measuring and analyzing the public opinion, understanding the human behavior and working towards realizing success in the various organizations governed by fierce competition.

Program Goals

  • Effectively acquire practical skills in the field of public relations and advertising
  • Get familiar with the academic skills required by the labor market
  • Develop the necessary skills to effectively work in the various media means
  • Effectively use the skills of communicating with the audience
  • Master problem-solving, professionally interpret the public opinion and practice the basics of fair competition

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, the student shall be able to:

  • Effectively communicate with the audience through public relations and advertising programs whether on the theoretical or practical levels
  • Practically apply the various theories and communication concepts
  • Analyze and interpret the tendencies of public opinion in the field
  • Successfully utilize the skills of public relations and advertising in order to penetrate the labor market
  • Practice critical thinking in order to solve business problems related to public relations and advertising

Students have the option to choose between different Majors Offered.

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