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Private Law

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Master of Law


The vision of Master’s Program in Law focuses on excellence, contemporary and creativity in the field of law and the ability to compete in the local and regional markets.


The program mission is based on the diffusion of knowledge, also to promote and strengthen scientific research meaningful and fruitful in the field of law and human resources development and rehabilitation, to meet the needs of the community at the local and regional levels.


Program Objectives
  • Enhance the student’s ability to contribute to the development of legislation in the field of the law of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Analyze and explain the nature of the facts and legal acts and their bifurcation within the framework of public and private law.
  • Encourage outstanding students of a Bachelor’s degree in law or its equivalent to continue their higher studies in the field of law within UAE.
  • Find an academic distinct role of the College on all scientific and academic levels at the local, regional and global levels, in the field of law.
  • Development of scientific research in all branches of law and enable the students to prepare specialized research.

Program Requirements

Master of Law Graduation Requirements:
  • The student passes at least 24 credit hours of the mandatory and elective required courses offered by the Department.
  • The student successfully passes the discussion of thesis equivalent to 9 credit hours and achieves minimum CGPA 2 out of 4.
  • The minimum period of thesis completion from the date of completing all courses of 24 credit hours is six months.
  • Complete any pre-requisites required upon admission.
  • Complete all administrative procedures required upon admission.
  • The student achieves at least CGPA 3 out of 4.
  • Maximum study period in the Program is four years.

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