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United Auditing a Division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group

United Auditing, the audit division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group is one of the top Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Being one among the top listed financial auditors in the UAE, Emirates Chartered Accountants Group has progressed and gained immense respect and popularity as one of the elite Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi stemming to be the finest Auditors in Abu Dhabi as well.

This has only been possible with our rich service culture that has embarked in the area of auditing, taxation, business accounting and management consultancy resulting as one of the best Auditors in Abu Dhabi.

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What is Audit?

An Audit in simple words, is the independent analysis of the financials of an entity, irrespective of their legal form or size. The financial auditor expresses an opinion on the financial statement, based on the examination of the books and records maintained by the entity. Auditing is the function which assesses the risk of material misstatement in a Company’s financial statements. Financial statements of an entity include a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement, and related schedules.

Internal audit also plays an important role in the detection and prevention of frauds and other misappropriations taking place in the entities. Internal audit mainly focuses to evaluate the inefficiency of internal controls system in place.

Why is Audit important for businesses in Abu Dhabi?

  • To evaluate the financial performance of the companies/entities for a particular period.
  • To renew the licenses of companies and branches both at mainland & free zones.
  • To check whether the business objectives and goals are met or not.
  • To prevent frauds and detect any irregularities in your internal control system.
  • How can United Auditing (the Audit Division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) serve you as Auditors in Abu Dhabi?
  • To analyze the organization structure and its internal controls system to detect fraud and errors.
  • To provide timely advice to do corrective actions to rectify such errors.
  • To ensure that the regulatory compliances including, not limited to UAE VAT, Excise Tax, CbCR, Economic Substance Regulation etc. are in compliance with.
  • Efficient communication, liaison and transparency with the client during the period of audit and later.
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Know our Auditors in Abu Dhabi

  • Experienced & qualified professional Team of Auditors in Abu Dhabi branch
  • Professionals are equipped with in-depth knowledge in the area of Audit and assurance
  • Well versed and updated with the laws and regulations of the region
  • Reachable at the client’s place with just one call away
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Quality Assurance

United Auditing (Audit Division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) as Auditors in Abu Dhabi provides an independent and objective assessment of financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and its amendments and other effective regulations in the UAE.

Our assurance is on true and fair view of a company’s financial performance will help clients to navigate the complexities and risks, to increase the credibility, transparency, relevance, and value of the information they disclose to the market and their investors.

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Businesses all over Abu Dhabi have distinct and different needs. Entrepreneurs managing business should oversee every aspect of their business in terms of administration and finances. However, not all businesses afford an inhouse audit team hence, choosing the right Audit Firms in Abu Dhabi shall safeguard the organization structure and its internal controls by providing an analysis of the financials of your organization. This way the owners managing their business will have a clear picture about the financial status of their company

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