Hardware Sales & Service

KernelSphere works across industries and verticals including retail, technical services and providing customized solutions.

As an established reseller in UAE we supply products including Servers, Routers, Laptops, Desktops, Computer Monitor Screens, and Peripherals.

CCTV solutions

KernelSphere is a prominent Surveillance solutions provider accredited with SIRA approval in Dubai, UAE. With our extensive expertise in deploying solutions, we offer exceptional service in terms of CCTV camera project design, installation, and support services.

Our certified professionals are passionate and driven to deliver top tier services, on the most competitive, cutting edge solutions and products for an organization’s security and surveillance needs. We look forward to build a protected and secure environment across our client’s Commercial deployments.

All Purpose Kiosk

KST’s multi-functional Kiosk is a state-of-the-art technology driven interactive self-service terminal, which facilitates the customers to execute most of the activities like Registering Self, Document(s) Scanning & Uploading, Instant Self Picture upload, Payments, Cash Acceptance & Dispensing of change, Fake Currency Detection, Card Payment, Digital Wallet & service requests etc. over the kiosk.

These Multi-Functional Kiosks positions itself as an alternate delivery channel which is quite secure and convenient. It also as an Intelligent customer support arm of the business and as a self-service alternative for users.

We facilitate the design & delivery of customized multi-functional kiosk as per the customer’s vision & futuristic needs.

KST’s device management solution allows low latency and secure machines to server bi-directional communications.

  • It works on HTTP2 mutual TLS secure connection.
  • All upstream integrations for business logic, payment gateways, ID verification and billers are consolidated at the middleware layer, providing centralized reporting, caching and circuit breaking.
  • Designed to easily allow additional API integrations like other billers, payment gateway or ID verification systems etc.
  • An optional Open API compatible module allows direct integration with machine functionality, allowing the customer to extend capabilities of the kiosk on a self-service basis to its respective customers leaving them with a very pleasant experience.
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