Branding Experience

As a full-service branding and design company, we help our customers connect with their brand identity by offering comprehensive branding experiences. A well-crafted and distinctive brand identity is crucial for the growth of a business, and therefore we pay attention to all the details involved in the branding process.

Naming and Logo design

When it comes to building a brand identity, elements such as design, colour, and style of the logo should resonate with the values and nature of the business. The visible elements, company name, and the brand story should strike a perfect chord with your potential customer base.

Leave the humungous and the highly creative task of Brand naming and Logo creation to the industry experts and rest assured that your business will connect with your ideal customer.

Brand Identity

If you are to develop an effective brand strategy, you cannot look past the importance of creating a strong cohesive brand identity. At LET’S DRAFT we understand that brand, branding and brand identity are three different things and they deserve distinct treatment. That is why we attentively listen to you, to your brand story and aim to capture the true essence of your business values.

Your brand is like a relationship, and we will strive to make it a good and lasting one for your customers. Are you ready to take this game-changing leap with us?

Packaging design

Brilliant packaging not only protects your brand but it also delivers your unique value proposition. We believe in the idea of powerful storytelling through packaging, and hence a lot of thought goes into crafting the copy, texture, layout, imaginary, color and design. Your product reaches the hand of the customers, and a custom packaging design can make the customers feel connected with your brand right away.

Some of the ways we use packaging as a market strategy is through clever copy, insta-worthy design, eco-friendly materials, and seasonal packaging solutions. After all, a good package design becomes your silent seller.  

Design Production + Execution

Proper design production and execution is necessary to give form and life to the brand experience. From design to mass production, we take care of all the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on other important business decisions. Our team of professionals ensures that the design concepts abide by all the mandatory rules, and the final changes are made. The print-ready files are sent to our printing partner, and then to packing facilities. All the moving parts of design production and execution should come together to create a successful physical connection with your customers.

Whether it is art production, logistics, materials, production or execution, LET’S DRAFT are committed to providing realistic solutions to the various branding needs of individual clients 

Brand Messaging

Since your brand and your products make the most sense to others, brand messaging should be one that makes you and not one that makes sense to you. By understanding your company vision, value proposition, key benefits, and audience, we help you create an engaging, persuasive, and inspirational brand story; a brand story that you feel like you own it. Now that you own your brand story, we make sure to get the story straight online and across all your marketing channels.

We do not focus on catchy phrases for the tagline, slogans, and captions for marketing campaigns, but on meaningful stories that influence the sentiments of the audience.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is crucial when it comes to establishing brand identity, and this is where brand guidelines come in handy. Elements like colour palette, typography, logo design, symbols, tone, graphics are included in the brand guideline as a reference for designers, content creators and marketers

With the help of our strategic team, even you can create a brand guideline for your existing business or new business. It’s never too late to develop a set of standards and rules, and these guidelines will keep your branding consistent throughout.

Campaign Development

Developing your brand is a never-ending process, and with memorable campaigns, you can strengthen relationships with your customers. As we work with our clients, developing and executing campaigns, we give brands emotions and personalities. We do all this by capitalizing on your brand story. Our expertise in running campaigns across different media such as television or radio, print, email and social media has allowed us to successfully reach customers in a variety of ways.

If you are looking to develop a digital campaign for a specific goal or a multi-channel campaign, we have the tools, resources and an army of creative folks to deliver rich and engaging campaigns.