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To be a leading institute for training and qualifying personals in security and occupational health & safety industry. View Courses National Security Institute Welcome to

Security Training in Middle East

The intent of the NSI is to become a regional center for excellence in security education and training in the GCC for both private and public sector agencies to enhance public safety and security. It is expanding its capabilities to include a system of specialized Academies in a variety of safety and security training courses.

Due to the continuous change of the different challenges, NSI always seeks to develop the private security industry, create new standards which prevent any gaps security guards may encounter during their duty.

Basic Security Courses (BSG)

Basic Security Courses (BSG) Renewal

General Security Courses

Courses Occupational Health and Safety

Community Safety Trailer

Community safety trailer is an initiative of the minister of Interior, equipped with the latest technologies in the area of security training and community safety. It aims to offer a practical experience about fire and natural disasters such as earthquakes, and storm.



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