Rugs and Carpet Deep Cleaning

Did you know that carpet is home for a billion of microbes and bacteria’s?

As a result — dirty carpet affects your health.

Red Carpet provides professional carpet cleaning services. We are dealing effectively with any dirt and all types of carpets: synthetic and woolen, silk, Iranian, hand-made etc. Our team of experts is using best detergents on the market and high quality equipment, which allows:

1. To clean dirt and dust deep inside of a carpet
2. To kill bacteria`s pollution, which arises due to daily usage
3. To remove effectively different sorts of stains, such as: food and beverage, animal spots and traces, stains of personal attempts, soap and water stains, etc.

Whenever you are owner or business holder, Red carpet would give you feeling of comfort, which cannot be provided by any other element of the interior.
You can choose if you want us to clean at your home or we can pick-up and deliver your carpet at your convenience!